Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Realtor to Represent You As a Buyer

  1. It’s free to hire a Realtor to represent a buyer – In most residential real estate transactions, the seller of the home is the one paying for the agents fees and commissions.  There are a few circumstances where it may costs money to hire a buyers agent, one example could be purchasing a for sale by owner (FBSO) who may not be willing to pay a commission to the buyers agent.  Although this is rare, it can happen.  It’s highly suggested that you hire a buyers agent that has your interest in mind during what is typically one of the largest transaction that you will make in your lifetime.
  2. A Realtor understands the local real estate market – Every market is different and can differ from one part of the state and even from one neighborhood to the next.  You should look for a Realtor who understands the local market and can help you make an offer that is inline with local housing values.
  3. A Realtor will coordinate showings – coordinating showings can be tricky, some sellers limit when homes can be shown.  A buyers agent can coordinate and schedule showings to best fit your schedule.  If you are interested in several properties, the buyers agent will make the phone calls, provide you with all the information on the homes and even figure out the best routes to make the viewing process as efficient as possible.
  4. A Realtor can help evaluate financing – Real estate financing can be very confusing, especially for a first time home buyer.  A good buyers agent understands fiance and mortgages can be confusing and can help you understand what type of financing options are available and what may work best for you.
  5. A Realtor knows what to look for when viewing homes – A successful buyers agent is probably viewing and touring dozens of homes every week.  They know what red flags to look for that many buyers may not even be aware of.
  6. A Realtor will have a network of experienced professionals that you may need during the home buying process – During a real estate transaction you will need several professionals to help including home inspectors, mortgage originator, title insurance company, handymen and possibly others.  An experienced buyers agent will have a network of professionals they can recommend.
  7. A Realtor will know how to write a real estate contract – even if you have purchased multiple properties the amount of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction can be overwhelming.  Not only do you have to deal with paperwork, there are deadlines that take place.  A buyers agent will know how to handle and explain all the terms and conditions in a contract and ensure all the paperwork is completed.
  8. A Realtor will be your negotiator – one of the largest benefits of having someone represent you as the buyer is someone who can negotiate on your behalf.  A buyers agent can provide you with all the data to determine if you are getting the best deal including providing you with a competitive market analysis on the home you want to purchase to help determine if you are getting a good price.
  9. A Realtor will keep the transaction on schedule – many things have to take place during a real estate transaction.  Delays can happen anywhere along the line (inspections, mortgage, title, surveys etc.). Usually closing on a home is delayed because of small issues that are usually caught by a good buyers agent.
  10. A Raltor can help you survive the home buying process – buying a home can be an emotional and sometimes lengthy process.  Sometimes the buyers agent can help you from making an emotional decision by providing a subjective view of the property and by giving you the PROS and CONS of buying a particular home.