Buyers Representation

Buying a house is a very exciting time and one that buyers should prepare for. Whether it’s preparing to get a mortgage or shopping for houses, making a mistake when buying a house can lead to many future headaches.

Most houses that are being sold will have an agent representing the seller, which is frequently referred to as a listing agent or sellers agent. The listing agents main responsibility is to make sure the sellers best interests are being protected.

So how does a buyer make sure their best interests are being protected? Simple, work with a Realtor to represent your interests.  There are several reasons why it’s extremely important when you’re buying a house that your interest are protected as well.

Top 10 reasons to use a Realtor when buying a home

Quick Tips for A Successful House Hunt

Make a wish list of things you want in your home and try to stick to it.  If you are shopping with your partner, discuss must-haves and deal breakers together so that you will both be on the same page during your search.

Don’t tour too many houses in one day.  You may begin to feel overwhelmed and confused after looking at several homes.  Looking at too many homes in a short period of time may cause them to run together in your mind and you won’t recall which master bedroom or fabulous kitchen belonged to which house.

Stay within your price range and consider added expenses such as taxes, home owner’s association fees, maintenance and other costs.

Spend time in the neighborhoods you are considering and determine if it offers the lifestyle and conveniences you will need.

Is It Better Right Now To Rent Or To Buy?

Housing prices are still relatively low. The key to seeing a return on your investment is to buy low and ride the wave on up. The cost of borrowing money still makes home ownership cheaper than renting in many cases.

In the Houston area if you plan on staying put at least 3 years, buying is the better option.  This all depends on the area you select, the schools and amenities of the area as well.  Rents continue to rise so home ownership is a good investment for most people.

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